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Well here is a shot at explaining who we are and exactly what we do and how this whole thing came about! The "EC Team" as we like to call it is made up of a very small unique group of individuals coming from all different walks of life from totally different geographical locations spanning all across the world! Now that's a mouthful right :-))

We take pride in bringing very different concepts and building blocks to the table each time a project is started and try to envision the journey from beginning to end. Our Support Team does an outstanding job in continuing this great passion and will try and help you conquer any technology problem that may occur.

Whether you are sending us an email, calling on the phone, or chatting with one of us we always want you to be open and express any concerns or thoughts that could potentially help your project or problem. It doesn't matter if it is a critical web server, client machine, or a top-notch web solution we give the same amount of energy to all!

Together with our education & experience we can bring many ideas, business or personal to life and in a cost efficient way.

EC is very proud to now be able to integrate Electronic Catalogs for the Furniture Industry into our websites detailing about any furniture vendor you can think of. This is made possible with our connection to an outstanding company that has been in the business for years - MicroD Inc. If you are in need or want to setup a Demo feel free to contact us.

So you have heard a few things about us and a small scratch off the surface of the services that we offer. Now it's time to tell you how EC came about. In our dealings working with other Tech Consulting teams and Web Design/Dev firms we realized that most companies just confuse clients and try to blur their vision right from the start to better benefit themselves and work within their capabilities. Not US! We want to first of all listen to our clients needs. Analyze them , discuss them and then come to a solution that meets both our expectations. If your ideas or projects are out of our reach we will be the first to tell you. If we think we can offer another solution or another way for you to approach it we will get that cleared up without wasting either parties valuable time. And that is one of the many reasons the EC Team is here at your service...

If there is anything else you would like to know about us please feel free to contact us. We will be posting employee pics and bios soon. And once again thank you for your time :-))

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